Bunkhouse Tales

By Robert Schramek. This book recalls the experiences in the life of a forester. This was back when work was done in the old ways, with hand tools that the woodsmen and surveyors of earlier days used. The days were long and the work was hard.

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Bunkhouse Tales by Robert Schramek

Bunkhouse Tales by Robert Schramek

We took chances that most would shy away from today. It would be foolish to call those days tough or romantic. But those of us who lived that life during those years look back at our experiences as fond memories of a life and a culture that no longer exists. My grandchildren wanted to hear these stories. You too may find them enjoyable. Travel back with me to those days.
— Bob Schramek, author.
US Forest Management, 1954, University of Minnesota

Published by Quilcene Historical Museum, 2012

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