Recently the Worthington Mansion rehabilitation received some very nice exposure in the PT Leader Newspaper!

EDITORIAL: The Queen of Quilcene

Jun 22, 2016 by Scott Wilson

The Quilcene Revival is in full upswing. The number of successful new businesses, civic activities, remodels and the associated community pride is on a sharp upward curve.

At the center of the hopes and dreams of the Emerald Towns of Hood Canal is the rehabilitation of the 1892 Hamilton-Worthington Victorian mansion, part of a 10-acre parcel that an almost all-volunteer crew is turning into Worthington Park, alongside the Little Quilcene River.

All of Jefferson County should take note of this effort and support it if possible. The end result will be a spectacular restoration of Quilcene’s best and largest Victorian home – 17 rooms – for events of all kinds, alongside a performance stage and a beautiful park…

Please head over to the Worthington Park Website and check it out in full!

Again, special thanks to Scott Wilson and the PT Leader.