Armed Forces

Designed to honor all branches of military service, uniforms and kit from the two World Wars and information about the local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) share this exhibit space.


With maritime and household items and many informative posters, you’ll have a great introduction to the most southern community in Jefferson County.

Center Aisle Display Cases

Find information about the Quilcene CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), Native American presence in the area, children’s toys of the past and other topics down the center aisle in the exhibit room.

Entry and Mansion Restoration

Even before you enter the main exhibit rooms, there are displays that catch your attention. We are especially proud of the restoration of the Hamilton-Worthington mansion and love to share how it was accomplished.


A mural of the historic Kawamoto farm is the focal point. Don’t miss the equipment from the dairy industry of the past, blacksmithing, woodworking and other farm activities.

Forestry Resources

The historical importance of logging and the timber industry to the south Jefferson County area can scarcely be overstated. In a room dedicated to the forests, find logging equipment and tools from the past and learn how to identify native evergreens.

Hearth & Home

It’s almost possible to feel the fire and the comfort of a home as you learn about one of the longtime families of the south county area. In 2024, we are featuring the Munn family of Lake Leland. Each year we will focus on a different family in this exhibit.


Though we may have different conveniences in our kitchens today (no air fryers or microwaves here!), you’ll find plenty of ingenuity in the utensils that were used in the kitchens of the past.


Quilcene had its own millinery shop in the 1890s and there are some hats that could have graced the shop. You’ll also see clothing of the past and home textiles.


One of the first structures in a community is often a school. Each of our south Jefferson County communities had at least one school and our “school room” holds memories from many of them.


Stores in the south county began with deliveries from boats, but buildings soon followed in most communities. Set up to provide the feel of an old store, the highlights here include a very old (and large!) cash register and a scale for weighing meat.

Tubal Cain Mine

The dream of striking it rich did not skip the area. There was hope of finding gold and other ores and the biggest attempt was made at the Tubal Cain Mine.

Worthington Family

The museum itself and the whole of Worthington Park would not exist in its current form if it weren’t for the generosity and foresight of the Worthington family. It is fitting that you enter the main exhibit room by passing through an exhibit honoring the family.